Guitars / Amps / FX 

Fender Custom Shop 52 Telecaster

my No.1 guitar - and it will always be... 

Gibson CC STP

Die Ronnie Montrose Gitarre - bzw. eine der 300 Ltd. Edition. 

Mein Geschenk an mich zum 50. Geburststag :-)

Line 6 James Tyler Variax 59 with P90

A box of trix :-)

Duesenberg Starplayer TV

What can I say, everybody has one... sooo ;-)

Bill Nash 62 Stratocaster

One of the first Nash guitars, great player

Yamaha Revstar 502-T

Great P.90 Player and such a cool design

Yamaha Pacifica 612 V
For sessions you need one, that can do everything. This is it. 

Martin JC 16 RE
Old one with the Aura System still branded by Martin

Yamaha NCX 900

Flamed Maple Back and Sides, very fast, very percussive

Marshall Super Lead - it's all about Plexi

Maybe from the first reissue, great amp. 


The Cab is a Marshall, stacked with 4 Eminence Veteran,

great speakers in their own right!

Yamaha THR 100 HD + 212 Cab

Digital does not rock? It does! Check this one out!!!!

Soldano SP-77 made in USA


Mit 3-Kanal Modifiation und der Warren Haynes Schaltung.


Super Sahne Sounds

Line 6 HELIX


This is my 1st choice these days. 
Unbelievable sounds in one one box!


...way too many for pictures. But mostly: 

Ibanez TS-9

MXR Univibe
Strymon El Capistan

Aya R-Comp
Morley Bad Horsie I

Majik Rocket Fuel
MXR Talkbox
Boss Volume
Rocktron Replifex (still great)
Rocktron Intellifex

Tech 21 Gig Rig RK

Line 6 POD HD 500 X

Line 6 Amplifi FX 100

Line 6 Amplifi TT

Line 6 Relay G-55

Line 6 Relay G-10


Sennheiser e 945

If it comes to non-wireless, this is my choice

Great bass, strong mids and smooth highs - perfect 

Line 6 XD-V 75 
Great wireless system
I changed the capsule to a Beta 58 from Shure 

Sennheiser IEM 300 Inear

great system, never dissappointed me

InEar Stage Diver 2
A great InEar Headphone, 2 way system. 

Sounds majestic even for Rock music!

All my bags and straps are made by Harvest Leather


Thanks for the support over all these years!

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